Empowering Employees

For too long justice has been for sale to the highest bidders: the employers. Lex changes that, through the power of the internet.

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Empowering Employees

If you are an employee being badly treated at work, you probably don't know where to turn. Your line manager might be bullying you, or HR could be trying to manage you out. You're worried about your future and wondering what your rights are. If only you had a lawyer to help.

Well, we at Lex are on a mission to help employees like you to even up the odds. We are giving away free legal content, to give you the firepower you need to leave your job with a fair outcome.

Legal letter builders for employees

Lex is producing a number of legal letter builders, free and simple to use. These unique tools enable you to put together your own legal letter to send to you employer, by answering some yes/no questions. We will be covering a variety of topics. The following are ready to use or underway, as indicated:

Holiday pay entitlement - Ready to use

Ill Health unfair dismissal - Ready to use

Redundancy - Ready to use

Misconduct unfair dismissal - coming soon

Performance unfair dismissal - coming soon

Unlawful deduction of wages - coming soon

Compensation Calculator

If you have already been dismissed, or want to leave your employment because you've been badly treated there, use our Compensation Calculator to estimate how much compensation to ask your employer for.

Advice articles

Read up on what to do in the following situations:

Constructive dismissal



Unfair dismissal

Could Lex help? Contact Us

If you need further advice and assistance with your employment matter, Lex may be able to help. Just navigate to our Contact page and get in touch via phone or email.

Our Solicitors

Dorlee Monschau

Dorlee Monschau
Senior Employment Solicitor

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Andrew Fishleigh
Senior Employment Solicitor

Esther Fagbemiro

Esther Fagbemiro
Senior Employment Solicitor

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