Holiday Pay Entitlement: Letter Builder

If your employer has failed to pay you the holiday pay that you are contractually entitled to, or if you have lost some of your holiday entitlement for reasons outside your control, then answer these questions to create a free bespoke legal letter to send to your employer.

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How to use this letter builder

If your employer has failed to pay you the holiday pay that you are contractually entitled to, or for some reason has not permitted you to take all of your days holiday, just answer the questions above to create a free bespoke legal letter.

Your answer to each question is used to start creating the letter which you can use to send to your employer to try to resolve the problem. Once you have finished answering the questions, you will be able to email yourself a copy of the letter in Word, along with the guidance notes. You complete the letter by filling in the gaps where indicated.

When you have filled in the gaps in the Word doc, you can send the completed letter to your employer to initiate a fair resolution and/or financial settlement. Alternatively, you can send a copy of your letter to us to review for you. (Details below. There would be a modest charge for this).

When should you use this 'without prejudice' letter?

Use the Holiday pay entitlement letter if you believe that your employer has unfairly withheld holiday pay or days which you are contractually entitled to.

The letter is headed ‘without prejudice’, because that is the legal way to start an off-the-record settlement negotiation.

How might your employer respond?

The responses are common:

  • They ask you for more details - try to provide the details they ask for
  • They say they will consider your letter and get back to you - chase them
  • They invite you to a meeting to discuss - a good sign
  • You want a settlement and they offer you a low settlement - start negotiating
  • They offer you a fair settlement - unlikely first time round
  • They don’t respond at all - chase them

What to do if your employer won't negotiate

If, after you've sent your letter, your employer still won't negotiate, there are still 3 actions you can take:

  • Lodge a formal grievance
  • Submit a Subject Access Request
  • Commence an Employment Tribunal claim

Could our solicitors help?

To find out if we could help you resolve your problems over the withholding of your holiday pay or days holiday entitlement, please download a copy of your Holiday pay entitlement letter (which you will be able to do once you've answered the questions), add the final detail [where indicated in the body of the letter]. Then email it to us at This gives us a clearer picture of your case and we will get in touch with you promptly to let you know if we can help you.